radical Darwinism and the revolution of the living food

radical Darwinism and the revolution of the living food

PrispevekNapisal/a Vuga83 » 21 Sep 2011, 11:29

Pismo poslano 21. septembra 2011 idejnemu avtorju "The Venus project" Jacquesu Fresco.

Dear Mr. Fresco,

I kindly ask you for your attention. I do believe the following consideration could interest you. My name is Jure Vuga, I'm an art historian, cultural sociologist and poet from Koper, Slovenia. I am very inspired by your work and your ideas about the redesign of the twenty-first century society and the introduction of the resource based economy. However, to be polemic, in your statement that “all the natural resources should be declared common heritage of the worlds people” I can still perceive a level of anthropocentric egoism.

In my opinion the sustainable development of a peaceful civilization can only be obtained with the total abolition of the slaughter houses. The violence and insensibility towards the needs and feelings of the animals (and also plants) is the foundation of the violence in our omnivorous societies. There isn’t any doubt and anthropologists are well aware that the method of killing animals in agricultural societies was applied also to human victims in the period of war. Killing animals on industrial scale in the slaughter houses is not dissimilar from the industry of death of the concentration camps.

I have seen your comment about vegetarianism. I am convinced that meat-eating as well as vegetarian-diet are obsolete and atavistic practices. If our goal of social transformation has to be achieved, we cannot dismiss the revolutionary importance of the raw food diet. I kindly ask you for your complete attention and insight.

You, yourself affirm that man are being conditioned and indoctrinated by the environment. We are “victims” of cultural patterns which are invisible and we stick to them and replicate them without knowing. One of the mightiest indoctrinations we undergo, which is consequentially also the base of greed and insane accumulation, is the need to heat the food we eat. Let me explain.

Cooking is a technology that has helped humans (the fire was invented by Homo Erectus 2,5 million years ago) to survive in the dry savanna and during the glacial era, to colonize the globe develop towns and sophisticated civilization. The price for this achievement however is the precarious health conditions of the individuals. No single animal in nature cooks its food. Natural selection and technology are incompatible. The giraffe would never have a long neck if it was using a tool to collect the leaves from the branches of the trees.

It is a matter of radical Darwinism: humans and apes descend from a common ancestor; therefore humans are classified among frugivor, which eat mostly fruit, vegetable (leaves), nuts, seeds and little amount of raw meet (insects, shells).
The passage to a raw food diet (living in a fertile environment as in my case) gives you a live experience of post scarcity lifesyle due to abundance of free food and the feeling of connection with the “Mother Venus”. Humans are not genetically adapted for eating cooked food, but all the institutions and even scientists ignore this fact! The result of our culturally determined behavior that instructs us to eat heated food is a traumatic way of aging (in comparison to animals), undernourishment on a cellular level (no animal has white hair), and a wide range of diseases that we cure with medicines. The addiction to cooked food is the first of all addictions. The mixture of fat, sugar and salt in the processed food causes dependence. Therefore raw food should be universally recognized as the only food good enough for humans.

Scientific research has shown that from the psychological point of view food and money are closely related in the brain centers. A well fed person will donate money for charity much more likely than if he/she was hungry. Because of the (virtual) lack of food (we have to work to provide it) and the existential fear of getting old and debilitated, people have developed a selfish attitude aimed to accumulate and store goods for their personal need. Capitalism is essentially a reflection or a symptom of the alienated state of mind of individuals who have never developed the consciousness that the loving nature provides everyone with everything they need for their existence at the right moment.

And if we dare to develop the vision of a society based on raw food diet, we can soon realize that we are talking about something completely new and unforeseen, a society in which there is no famine and shortage of food and the people remain young and vital during their old age too. When a child is born a few fruit trees would be planted to provide nutrition for the time to come. All animals would be companions of humans and have the same dignity. It would be a society liberated from chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, lower rates of cancer etc.) and the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Expelling meat from the diet results in less aggressive behavior and decrease of sexual frustration. Families composed by raw food eaters could be almost completely auto sufficient if provided with some land (permaculture would be introduced spontaneously). The outcome would be the boycott of the industries (food-processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, entertainment, beauty etc.), the fall of the monetary system and the reintroduction of an economy based on exchanging goods, knowledge and work.

I solicit you Mr. Fresco and the circle of the fellows of the Venus project to seriously consider the wide-ranging implications of implementing the raw food diet in your project and spreading the message about the revolutionary force of eating uncooked food. From my experience I can assure you that there is nothing easier of being a raw food eater (it’s the third year of my new life now), after all we were all born as raw food eaters; returning to the primeval state of being gives no less than immense joy, interior peace and unshakable optimism.

It would be a great honor if some day you would come to Ljubljana to have a lecture. The people of Slovenia are much concerned about sustainable development and we are very interested in your project.

Best wishes for your work and your personal fulfillment,

Jure Vuga

List of literature:

1. Helmut Wandmaker, Willst du gesund sein?: Vergiß den Kochtopf!
2. Victoria Boutenko, Green for life
1. Anne Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality, 1985.
3. Norman W. Walker
4. Theodore A. Baroody

Internet pages:

1. http://www.living-foods.com/
2. http://www.giveittomeraw.com/
3. http://www.rawfoodlife.com/
4. http://www.thebestofrawfood.com/
5. http://www.presnisvet.net/
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Re: radikalni darvinizem in revolucija žive hrane

PrispevekNapisal/a tojezanas » 21 Sep 2011, 13:40

Lepo napisano....Ljubljana pa je bila eno prvih postaj na turneji JFa 2010.
Se pa tudi strinjam, da se je prav v današnjem času oteženo prehranjevati na tak način.

Družine, ki to zmorejo so pravzaprav v tem smislu priviligirane ali (za vernike) "blagoslovljene".
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Re: radikalni darvinizem in revolucija žive hrane

PrispevekNapisal/a pokora » 22 Sep 2011, 17:37

Vprašanje, ki ne bo več pomembno v družbi brez denarja.
Koliko stane prehranjevanje ene osebe z recimo 2200 kcal / dan.
In kakšen bi bil recimo jedilnik( razmerje oreščkov in ostalega sadja).
Takole zame, za druge drugače, za vse kakorkoli.
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Re: radikalni darvinizem in revolucija žive hrane

PrispevekNapisal/a Jurec » 22 Sep 2011, 17:53

Je Fresco že kaj odgovoril? :mrgreen:
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Re: radikalni darvinizem in revolucija žive hrane

PrispevekNapisal/a Vuga83 » 26 Sep 2011, 12:30

Prilagam odgovor na zgornje pismo:

From: "tvp@thevenusproject.com" <tvp@thevenusproject.com>
To: JURE VUGA <jurevug@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: The Venus Project: Important notification

Hello Jure, thanks for sharing your opinions, we are all familiar with some of the concepts. Jacque recommends that you might read the book -"response in the living and non living" by Bose. Jacque has no plans to lecture again in Ljublanajana at present unless they were to be sponosored for an event.

Warmest Regards, Joel
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